Exploring OBELISK: Expert Insights into Japanese Style

Exploring OBELISK: Expert Insights into Japanese Style

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Luxury Japanese brand Obelisk started with leather pants.  Before the brand was founded, the designer, Kaneko, rode a Harley Davidson Motorcycle around Tokyo.  He was wearing store-bought leather pants and they didn't fit him at all.

He was complaining to a friend and he said "What are you going to do?  You should make them yourself."  Kaneko was a leather bag designer and knew a lot about wonderful leathers.  So he was able to design and create a cool pair for himself and that is how Obelisk started.

Obelisk - Leather Pants

His clothing is inspired by "rebellion" that expresses the strength of the human spirit that loves true freedom that isn't bound by the common sense of the world.  Each piece is also a tribute to ROCK musicians which, besides riding beautiful choppers, is his other passion.

You can see his vision come to life in all of his clothing which are focused on high quality and design.

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