It's ALL In The Details

It's ALL In The Details

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Putting together a look is more than just buying what the mannequin is wearing in the window.  People appreciate the unique attention to details, and you will feel the added confidence.  At J. Ransom, we continue to bring you the style you want from Head to Toe and guide you with the small details.

First of all, one rule is to match cool shoes with a equally cool belt.  Black Leather Shoes would need something like this belt from John Richmond.



If you are wearing some really cool white shoes, than we recommend an awesome belt like this from VESTRUM.


Something shiny always works well to provide an extra statement.  Sometimes subtle is the best way to go.  Like this brilliant diamond pendant in 14K White Gold or the same quality diamond earring from COCO & OM.  It just gives your neck or ear an extra shine at dinner or even at the pool.



Just like women wear sexy lingerie under their clothes, Mack Weldon men's underwear gives you a similar confidence and pride.  Best Quality, comfortable, and a perfect fit in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES.


Feeling confident is the sexiest thing a man can bring.  These tips will just add to your already best you.


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