Skosberg & Smart - Handblown Lead Crystal Hurricanes

Skosberg & Smart - Handblown Lead Crystal Hurricanes

Posted by J. Ransom on

When I spotted these Skosberg & Smart Hurricanes designed in Sweden, I saw the perfect luxury Housewarming or Host gift for friends and family.  The Hand Blown lead crystal pieces are created in the 1000 year tradition of Bohemian artists.  The "Boule" Hurricane piece is striking with the combination of clear and tobacco crystal resulting in a textured bubble style piece.

The rich tobacco color and "Boule" glass is naturally a gorgeous votive for a candle, providing a warm glow.  Each one of a kind piece is very versatile and it would also be a stunning bud vase and an ideal centerpiece for a coffee table tray. 

The Skosberg & Smart "Black Crystal" piece is dramatic and elegant.  Made with black lead crystal with clear cross cut accents that reflect the light in a unique pattern.  These are available in both small and large versions.


Each piece comes with a votive, but with the large Black Crystal piece, we found it can be used as a vase or even a wine chiller/ice bucket.

Each of these unique pieces are found on J. Ransom's website, elevating the style and atmosphere at home.  They are a perfect gift for yourself or someone else.

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