MUST HAVE  - Painted Denim

MUST HAVE - Painted Denim

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Maybe you have noticed, like I have, that on the runways, streets, and on celebrities people are wearing painted clothing. It is a fresh look that many fashion forward love.  The many brilliant colors allow you to style the clothes in many different ways. 

J. Ransom is excited to have the collection of painted denim from well-known artist Damian Elwes.  

                         Damian Elwes - Hand Painted Jeans

Visualize Damian painting one of his pieces of art on canvas, and he needs to wipe excess paint off his brush.  Without thinking, he does this on his shirts and pants (and if it's cold, jackets).  


As a result, the clothing becomes one-of-a-kind art.  Each one is hand signed by Damian on the inside.  He also writes the names of the pieces of art he was painting at the time such as studio visions of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, etc.      

         Damian Elwes - Basquiat        

Be the style trend leader with a pair of striking jeans, jacket or shirt from the Damian Elwes Painted Collection at J.Ransom

Damian Elwes Logo

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