DAMIAN ELWES - Artists that Inspire

DAMIAN ELWES - Artists that Inspire

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I love being inspired.  One of my coolest inspirations is artist Damian Elwes.  

Damian Elwes

This artist grew up in London with both his father and grandfather being artists.  He soon moved to the US and graduated from Harvard.  In 1984, he moved to NYC.  This was during the vibrant '80's with energy of Studio 54, Warhol, Madonna, and the evolution of Street Graffiti

Keith Haring - NYC Graffiti Artist

Elwes ran in the art circles of Keith Haring and later in London became friends with another artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. These artists and many more had ignited not only his imagination but passion for art.  You can see his progressive movements in the distinctive collections he has created. 

Damian Elwes - Jean-Michel Basquiat Studio

Damian Elwes pieces of art are in museum exhibitions throughout the world.  Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and more. 

Damian Elwes Paris MuseumDamian Elwes - Lichtenstein Studio


I personally love his detailed and applauded collection of revisits of artist's studios.  Both from pictures and memories he recreates these visions in to masterpieces.

Damian Elwes - Picasso Villa

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