Junker Designs and J. Ransom

Junker Designs and J. Ransom

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J. Ransom and rocker label, Junker Designs, have mutually promoted and collaborated since J. Ransom opened in 2004.  We have had fashion shows together, made custom pieces together, and more.  This alliance has created many incredible shirts, jackets, and pants that are a stylist dream.  

Junker Designs - CAMERON Leather Jacket

Junker Designs - "CAMERON" 3/4 Lambskin Coat

 Junker Designs - Serpent Leather Jacket


With these pieces J. Ransom has dressed many movie, television and rock stars, both on the stage and off.

 "RagMan" on TV Series "ARROW" in Junker Designs "Call of Duty" Pants

"Ragman" on TV's "ARROW" in Junker Design's - "CALL OF DUTY" pants

J. Ransom and Junker Designs have a successful history and future as evidenced by the unique and quality pieces of clothing we offer.  Each item is custom made "with grubby little paws"

 J.Ransom and Junker Design custom scarves

J.Ransom and Junker Design custom Scarves

Look for more cool items from Junker Designs on our site frequently. 

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